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Gainesville International Folk Dancers
recreational and performance dancing

Julieta teaching a circle dance

What to expect the first time you join us Friday nights 

You will enjoy learning from this friendly, encouraging group.  We'll teach you dances from many different countries, among them Greece, Romania, Turkey, Bulgaria, Serbia, Croatia, Italy, France, Israel, Germany, Austria, Russia, the US.   A majority of the dances come from the Balkans and the Middle East.   Most have set steps.  If you have only danced to pop music, you are used to a more improvisational style.   The beat is sometimes very different from ones you are probably used to.   Friday nights with us will be a new experience for you, one which will greatly expand your horizons.

The first hour to hour and a half is devoted to teaching, starting with easier dances, so it would be best to come right at 8:00.  We take a break at 9:30 to introduce ourselves and make announcements.  After that we take requests.  Among those played after the break will be those taught earlier in the evening.    Of course at the beginning you won't be able to join in on all the request dances, but we encourage you to try by joining the line on easier dances.  With the more advanced dances you'll learn more easily by dancing behind the line.  When following, don't look at a person across from you, as you will see a mirror image of the steps.  Instead look to the left or right of you.

It takes time to learn even easier dances at the beginning.  If you can come each Friday for a month or so, you will learn some dances and more importantly some basic steps, which will help you as you go along .  There are many, many dances- we have over 2000 on our computer- so no one knows them all, even though some of us have been doing international folk dancing for more than 20 years.   After a while, however, you will develop a repertoire of your favorites. 

We charge $3.00/$1.00 students.  There is parking on site.    Wear comfortable sport or tennis shoes.

Finally, don 't worry if you have 'two left feet."  Just make sure you bring however many you have!

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